Track Rules


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final. 


The Management of Holiday Raceway

Holiday Raceway General Rules


Pit Vehicle Rules

1) Five MPH speed limit on track premises.

2) Must be 16 years of age to operate any vehicle.

3) Recreational vehicles must be used for assistance with racecars ONLY and must display race car ID number.  NO JOY RIDING

4) No children allowed riding bicycles, roller blades or skateboards in pits.

General Rules

1) Tech Cards must be purchased and filled out completely before first time run.

2) Anyone driving a racecar must be at least 16 years of age.  Only one person allowed in a racecar; no passengers.

3) Any cars that is deemed unsafe will not be allowed on the track – Officials Call

4) No burn downs, official call, both cars will be backed up and restaged

5) Courtesy rule is in effect, if either driver violates this rule the official will back the driver out of the stage beams upon opponents request only.

6) Once one car has pre-staged and staged and the opponent has pre-staged, there will be a stage counter of 15 seconds activated.

7) All drivers must wear seat belt a helmet; cars running 6.99 or faster must have certified roll cage and 5 point seat belts.

8) All safety equipment required by WDRA for your class is mandatory. For Example: Fire jacket, fire pants, fire gloves, Hans device, fire shoes, engine diapers

9) The tree is on auto start and will activate automatically once both stage lights have been activated. Last move of the driver must be forward.

10) Any excessive braking at the finish line causing cars to swerve or smoke the tires will not be tolerated. One warning will be given, the second time you will be disqualified. Any excessive braking that causes an accident, the driver will be disqualified.

11) Burnouts must be done behind the line in the burnout box.

12) All cars that break on the track must pull to the side.

13) Only one crew member allowed on the track with car.

14) All dial-ins must be in plain view of the tower. Left side of car and front windshield. White marker only please.

15) You can’t change your dial in after crossing the white line in staging.

17) Drivers must report to staging when called. Once bye car is paired, it is a completed round.

18) Potential bye car should stay at the end of the field. If the driver has no competition, he or she must take the tree under the cars own power.

19) When two cars are called to move into competition and breakage occurs, the driver has two minutes to advance forward. After burnout is made and a car breaks, the driver has fifteen seconds to advance forward.

20) Lanes 1,3,5 are right lane, lanes 2,4,6 are left lanes; Lane 1 runs 2, lane 3 runs 4, lane 5 runs 6.

21) No switching lanes in staging during elimination.

22) Officials will allow driver to run more than one car but one car must be at the front of the field and the other at the back.

23) Any one car or driver can only be entered twice in the same class.

24) Crossing the centerline of the track or contacting the concrete barriers will result in disqualification. In an event where this happens to both competitors the first or worst rule applies.

25) During elimination if a car breaks on the line or down the track, and his opponent breaks out or red lights, the broken car is the winner. Broken car doesn’t have to cross the finish line.

26) Red light disqualifies.

27) When numerous drivers want the same lane, official will use the card or coin flip system.

28) One buy back, first or second round except for special circumstances. Officials decision.

29) CHECK YOUR DIAL-INS BEFORE STAGING – Any system errors or error on the official’s part will advance the drivers to the next round, unless it’s a money round in which case the race will be ran again with cars running the same lanes and the same dial-ins.

30) No fighting will be tolerated, you will be asked to leave and possibly band from future events

31) Potential bye for the first round will be last week’s winner, if last weeks winner isn’t present then the runner up will get the bye. If neither shows, then the best reaction from the second time trial will determine the bye. If he or she gets their bye or gets beat in competition the next bye will be determined from the best reaction time that round of the driver that hasn’t had a potential bye.

32) All vehicles must have an operating neutral safety switch.

33) All vehicles must have an operational taillight.

34) Any problems will be addressed at the end of the round or during the transition from any two classes. No problems will be discussed while a round is in progress unless additional personnel are available in tower.

35) The E.T. breaks for footbrake are 5.00 to 11.50 and the E.T. breaks for Pro-Bracket are 8.49 and faster.

36) Electric and air shifters are allowed in both classes

37) Trans-brakes can not be used in footbrake

38) Footbrake drivers must keep both hands on steering wheel while staged.

39) Track officials must be able to see through windows in the footbrake class

40) All pro cars must have race slicks, ET Streets or Drag radials. Street tires will be allowed in the FOOTBRAKE CLASS only. All cars and trucks must be clean and truck beds must be empty and free of loose debris. Air conditioners must be turned off. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules; you will be removed from the starting line and disqualifed if in eliminations for violation of any of these rules.

41) During the staging process, any cars pushing through the staging lights will be disqualified.

42) Deep staging will be allowed in footbrake only if it is written on the tech card and window.

43) Drivers can race in both footbrake and pro bracket with the same car

44) When cars are called to staging and one lane is full, drivers must proceed to the next available position. No cars are to be left unattended.

45) During early rounds and high car count officials will direct staging to maximize capacity.

46) If a race is beyond buyback round and rain out occurs, money will be split and considered a completed race. Officials make final decision

47) In order to receive payout a valid driver’s license containing a mailing address and SS# of the person claiming the winnings must be presented. A photo copy will be made for tax purposes.

48) Refund Policy – 100% of your tech card entry will be refunded if you break before making a pass down the track. Each pass down the track before breakage occurs will cost $5.

49) Cars in Pro and Footbrake will be paired up at 8 cars based on reaction times. The better reaction time get’s lane choice (LC). For Example:
Reaction Times: .500, .505, .510, .515, .520, .525, .530, .535
Pairing – .500 (LC) vs .535, .505 (LC) vs .530 etc.

50) Inclement Weather Policy – If round after final buyback is complete, the purse will be split between remaining participants and the race will be deemed complete. If other circumstances exist that bar completion of the race; I.E. computer failure, power failure, etc. There will be NO cash refunds, only rain checks. DECISION ON RACE TIMES: Thursday race will be decided by 4:30 pm and Saturday race will be decided by 2:30 pm. 

Junior Dragster

1) Must have a helmet and certified seatbelts. When called into competition, the car must be in the burnout box before starting.

2) Dial in must be visible on the left side of car.

3) Drivers must be between the ages of 8 and 17.

4) The break is 7.90 to 17.50

5) Driver must wait until they are called before reporting to staging

6)You are allowed to buy back 1st or 2nd round unless special circumstances.

7) After burnout someone may reposition your car only one time

8) After initial start up and breakage occurs one chance will be given to start the car within a reasonable time at the official’s discretion. The crew member should keep the starter close by in case it is needed.

9) Crew members are prohibited from touching the vehicle during the staging process.

10) Deep staging will be allowed. You MUST have DEEP written on your tech card and on the car visible to the tower.

11) Any time a car is started in the pits or in the staging lanes, there must be a qualified driver seated in the vehicle.

12) Lane choice will be decided among drivers, if not card or coin flip procedure will be used.

13) After crossing finish line, right lane must yield to left lane while making turn. If driver needs more stopping room let official no ahead of time.

14) Be safe and be respectful to all drivers. Remember, these are children and they are very impressionable.

15) Refer to general rules.

16) Management makes all final decisions

Rank or Worst Offenses: The lower the number, the worse the offense

1 – Unsportsmanlike conduct, improper language or conduct detrimental to racing
2 – Any condition considered to be unsafe or unfair
3 – Touching center line or contacting barriers
4 – Foul start on dual competition run
5 – “Breakout” or running under your dial in 
6 – Not crossing the finish line under the cars own power

Heads-Up Rules and payouts

W – $1500; R/U $500; ENTRY – $100; PURSE BASED ON 20 ENTRIES

Class Description – Designed for door cars only
Body, Tires, Suspension – Door cars only. Any tire size & suspension permitted. 
Engine – Any engine combination or power adders allowed. 
No electrical throttle stops
Tree – .400 Pro Tree 
Deep Staging – Deep staging is allowed at drivers risk

6.50 AND 6.00
Class Description – Designed for door cars only
Body, Tires, Suspension – Door cars only. Any tire size & suspension permitted. 
Engine – Any engine combination or power adders allowed. 
No electrical throttle stops
Tree – .400 Pro Tree 
Deep Staging – Deep staging is allowed at driver’s risk

Class Description – Designed for door cars only
Body, Tires, Suspension – Door cars only. Any tire size & suspension permitted. 
Engine – Any engine combination or power adders allowed. 
No electrical throttle stops / Tree .400 Pro Tree 
Deep Staging – Deep staging is allowed at driver’s risk.

Tires, Suspension – Operational headlights and tail lights, 275 radials or 28×10.5 (no W), stock style suspension
Engine – Any engine combination or power adders allowed. 
Stock appearing interior
Stock appearing exterior; only fiberglass allowed is hood. No times will be shown; chip draw before first round Cars may be subject to a 10 minute idle

Cars may be subject to a 10 minute idle



  • Must have on car and wear all safety equipment required by WDRA
  • Must be 12 years of age or older
  • .400 pro tree
  • Race will end at the 330′ mark (half track)
  • Driver must decelerate after crossing the 330′ mark (half track) or face possible disqualification